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Project Description
Silverlight 3D Model Importer allows to work with models processed using Xna Content Pipeline inside a Silverlight 5 (beta) project.

It includes all vertex / index buffers data, as well, as textures, bones and mesh / mesh parts info, and provide easy methods to render in SL

Simple code

In an XNA project referencing a model you can simply do:

           var interopModel = InteropModel.FromXnaModel(model);          

            // and serializes it into a file
            using (var fs = File.Create("model.bin"))
            using (var writer = new BinaryWriter(fs))

then you can include the created file in a Silverlight 5 xap, and load it using InteropModel.FromBinaryReader().

Silverlight 5 side of the project contains facility methods allowing to render your model very easily.


Models are from the Microsoft XNA samples

An animated Tank

A bump mapped Lizard

A skinned animated soldier

A Battlestar Gallactica Viper with particles

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